July updates from Google Cloud

  • Chronicle joined the Google Cloud family. This means more tools, such as malware intelligence services, will be available to use with your cloud infrastructure and your data, enabling you to detect and mitigate threats faster.
  • Investigating production code just got easier with Stackdriver Profiler now generally available. Profiler lets you look at how your code runs and breaks down where time and resources are being spent with no noticeable performance impact.
  • BigQuery is now integrated with Kaggle, making it easier and faster to analyze data and train models
  • It can take a lot of time to set up a machine learning project, especially with managing the complexity and compatibility issues of an ever-evolving software stack. When you’d rather just spend time refining your model, deep learning containers are a great place to start. These containers are prepackaged, performance-optimized, and compatibility tested. So you have a consistent environment to work in.
  • Cloud Data Catalog is now available in public beta. Data Catalog is a fully managed data discovery and metadata management service, which means you can use Data Catalog to easily search for tables in Google BigQuery or topics in Cloud Pub/Sub. You can even filter for sensitive data thanks to Data Catalog’s integration with Cloud Data Loss Prevention. 
  • Connecting to external services on Kubernetes has historically required compromises, but no more thanks to Workload Identity. Workload Identity creates a relationship between Kubernetes service accounts and Cloud IAM so that you can define which workloads run as which identities, grant access to other Cloud services, and never worry about Kubernetes secrets or IAM service account keys again. 

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